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About Us

As parents of energetic kids, we know first hand how children can be affected by their environment and understand the importance of their own spaces to play, learn but also have a good rest. It’s from our own desire to create this that Turtle Dove Living was formed.

The heart of our ethos is to create beautiful places of tranquility and calm that also enable children to unwind from busy every day life; where they can just ‘be’.

We have carefully selected and sourced products that have a fresh, timeless design from Britain, Scandinavia and France giving you the tools to create the environment which every child will enjoy.

We hope the products that we have put together for you reflect our passion for this and we look forward to sharing this with you and your little ones. Why not take a look for yourself by browsing our range here.

Turtle Doves symbolize love and faithfulness because they mate for life and work together to build their nests