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How to create the best environment for a great nights sleep


Getting our children to sleep at night can sometimes be a mammoth, stressful challenge for parents. “I’m not tired yet”, “just one more story”, and then getting up for what must be their fifth trip to the bathroom.

It can go on and on for what seems like hours and often leaves both our kids and us feeling like we have just been in a battle, the kids are still hyper and we are exhausted.

So apart from you reviewing the bedtime routine and making a few changes to ease the stress every night another great solution is to look at your child’s sleeping environment and décor. This is often overlooked but there is more and more evidence that our bedrooms can have an effect on our quality of sleep.

Tips for the perfect environment

Here are a few tips for creating the ideal safe space for your child to get a peaceful rest.


Avoid using loud, bright colours on walls such as reds, bright pink and bright orange which are less restful and quite stimulating to your child’s brain. Instead use muted and pastel colours such as soft blues, pale greens and yellows and neutral tones. These colours help the mind relax and wind down before the lights go out.

Your child’s character themed bedding can also be too loud and crazy, could you fall asleep in a room filled with LOUD characters & colours everywhere??

Today’s world is full of so much choice but back in the day there wasn’t all this choice and children didn’t rely on characters to help them fall asleep.

Our children are living in an over stimulated environment and when this spills into their bedrooms this leads to meltdowns, insomnia, anxiety and stress.


Keep their room clear and clean of clutter as much as possible. Experts agree that areas of mess not only distract your child but it can trigger sensory input which then slows their transition to relaxation and sleep. A clear, clean space has a calming effect, helping your child relax and fall asleep with ease.

Encouraging our children to pick up and put their toys, books and books away at night instills good habits of taking care of their thing and prepares them for bedtime.

A solution to this is having soft coloured fabric bags and wicker baskets, which are great for holding toys, teddies and also as a laundry basket.


There are as much crazy, bright options for lighting as there is for bedding. If your child isn’t comfortable sleeping in the dark yet, explore soft options for nightlights and avoid bright, spinning projectors that creates shapes all over walls, these may not help your child to relax.

These cotton ball lights are a great alternative and look lovely too.

ighting-2 lighting-1


With so much technology taking over our lives, avoid having TV’s, laptops, phones and games systems in your child’s bedroom. All they do is cause distraction, tempting our children to play with them, which certainly doesn’t help their brains switch off and relax.


Children really do need more than just a few hours of sleep and if they are staying up late, watching TV or playing on technology, its is going to make it a lot harder to get them to sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Without good rest, they will start to struggle throughout the day and this causes a chain reaction in other areas of their lives. By helping your child feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in their environment, free from noise and over stimulation, you are setting your child up for success in the future.

We hope that this has helped you create the perfect, healthy sleeping environment for your child.

Let us know how you get on, we always love hearing from you

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23rd August 2016

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